About Us

About Us

Federation of Gujarat Malayalee Associations is a registered Charitable institution, which has been brought to existence at Gujarat in the year 1997, by Baroda Kerala Samajam together with Gandhinagar Malayalee Samajam for the benefit of Keralites/ Malayalees residing in Gujarat,. It is a non political, secular and cultural organization, structured exclusively for charitable purposes.

The priority attached to the aims and objectives of this organization undoubtedly is to up keep the sanctity of Keraleeyam and Kerala culture, within the Keralites in Gujarat. It’s aspirations include undertaking activities to bring people of different communities of Kerala residing in Gujarat under oneumbrella, to participate in charitable activities, apart from the aims and objectives like upliftment of the community, encouraging artistic & literary talents amongst its members and well wishers, catering to their social and cultural needs without any differentiation of caste and creed. As charitable activities, Federation of Gujarat Malayalee Associations undertook measures for; blood donation camps, providing financial assistance to needy patients, bearing funeral expenses for destitute, extending timely contributions to the victims of natural calamities, and extending help in rescue operations in case of flood, earthquake, cyclone etc. It acts as a catalyst in the cultural fusion and thus create harmony among the people of Gujarat.

Due to increasing trend of membership of Member Samajams in Gujarat and escalated participation of Keralites, the organization is fortunate to rise to an enviable position having attained the status of biggest association of Keralites in Gujarat. Federation of Gujarat Malayalee Associations is always ready to help the Keralites within the parameters and financial & constitutional limitations of the Federation.


  • Extending help and support to Member Samajams to conduct Blood donation camps, eye camps, medical camps, etc. regularly with active participation of general public
  • Conducting and extending help and support to member samajams to promote General Social artistic cultural, literary and physical activities amongst Keralites in Gujarat.
  • Promoting goodwill and fraternity with associations and groups having similar objectives.
  • Helping to solve problems of the Member Samajams and Keralites to inculcate them the spirit of fraternity and cooperation with local people.
  • Making ourselves instrumental in cultural and social exchange between the local residents and promote national integration.
  • Organizing classes for the members in the field of language, music, dance etc. to create congenial harmony.
  • Extending possible help on occasions of distress in any part of Gujarat.
  • Scholarship to needy students
  • Cash awards to students securing highest percentage of marks in HSC/SSC amongst Malayalees.
  • To extend help and support to conduct hobby classes during summer vacation
  • Kerala Celebrations/Get together
  • Upliftment of the community & representation of common interest of Malayalee Association.
  • To generate the cultural fusion and create harmony among the people;
  • To maintain the social and economical justice of the associations;
  • And assuring liberty of the individual associations.


Continuous follow up with Railway Ministry
to get more trains to Kerala

Facilitation to Guests from
Kerala and other places

Membership Campaign (Establish new samajams where more than 200 people are residing and adding the folder of FEGMA)

Help/Assistance to Financially unsound
family of deceased

Updation of address of member
samajams members

Personal interaction with member Samajams
and the Keralites in and outside Gujarat.

Scholarship to children of financially
unsound family

Future Plans

01. Help

Providing Help and support to member samajams and Keralites in Gujarat.

04. Activities

Strengthen the Zonal Activities and support the society people.

02. Benefit

Getting the benefit of NORKA/ROOT and distribute to all Keralites in Gujarat through member samajams.

05. Meet

Develop the society and encourage the cultural Activities.

03. Establish

Establish samajams where it is not available.

06. Develop

Establish samajams where it is not available.


Federation of Gujarat Malayalee Associations is an independent registered society to protect the interest of all Keralites residing in and around Gujarat. All Malayalee/Kerala Samajams in Gujarat can become a member of FEGMA Society irrespective of their caste, religion or belief. We expect that all Kerala Samajams shall come under the roof of FEGMA, Gujarat to strengthen our hands to represent and protect the interest of all Malayalees.

We need to have good facilities and funds for needy people. We need to generate funds for the same. FEGMA officials are planning to contact its member Samajams and well wishers for their whole hearted support.

It is imperative to have more interactions with each and every member associations and particularly Malayalees of Gujarat.

The Office Bearers and the Executive Members are always available to extend any help and support to the needy people through member samajams. If you notice any incidents in which any Malayalee is involved, please use the contact number of any of the committee member so that we can able to take up the matter through the concerned member samajams to extend help, support and assistance to the concerned malayalee – – whether he is a member of member Samajams or not